Article 4. Members may be admitted into the Society in one of the 5 categories: 

4.1 Fellow member
Associate members
Ordinary members
Institution members
Honorary members

All existing members will be converted to the membership categories as set forth in 
this Articles of Association as follows:

a. Fellow ordinary members to Fellow members

b. Other ordinary members, extra-ordinary members, special members to Ordinary members

c. Company members to Institution members

d. Honorary members to Honorary members

Members qualifying as Fellow Members under transfer clause 4.5 a. must possess full qualification as designated for Fellow members under this Article of Association by the year 2017 and if they do not have the full qualification requirement for Fellow member at the end of the period their membership category will be adjusted to be in accordance with the qualifications that they have at that time.

Article 5. Recognized Actuarial Associations

The Society recognizes the following actuarial associations principally for the purpose of admission into the Society of Actuaries of Thailand:

5.1 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK
5.2 Society of Actuaries, United States of America
5.3 Institute of Actuaries of Australia
5.4 Canadian Institute of Actuaries
5.5 Casualty Actuarial Society, United States of America

The Board of Directors may consider and present for admission other actuarial associations as Recognized Actuarial Associations under these Articles of Association, provided that such actuarial associations are full members of the International Actuarial Association (IAA) and which the Board has determined as possessing the appropriate qualification requirements, professional standards, code of professional conduct and disciplinary process and such association must receive approval at the General Meeting of the Society of Actuaries of Thailand.

Article 6. General criteria for admission to the Society

6.1 At least 18 years of age.

6.2 Recommended by 2 members of the Society who are Fellow, Associate only.

6.3 Possess full qualifications as designated for each category of membership by the Society of Actuaries of Thailand.

6.4 Approved by a resolution of meeting of the Board of Directors.

6.5 Membership fees duly paid.

Article 7. Qualifications of Fellow Members

7.1 The person is a Fellow of one of the Recognized Actuarial Associations under the provision in Article 5 of Chapter 2 of Articles of Association by passing examination or being exempted from examination and fulfilling any other requirements, set by that Recognized Actuarial Association and not solely by accreditation through mutual recognition agreements with other actuarial associations; and

7.2 Pass examination or training in courses or subjects prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Article 8. Qualifications of Associate Members

8.1 The person is an Associate of one of the Recognized Actuarial Associations under the provision in Article 5 of Chapter 2 of Articles of Association by passing examination or being exempted from examination, and fulfilling any other requirements, set by that Recognized Actuarial Association and not solely by accreditation through mutual recognition agreements with other actuarial associations or

8.2 The person has completed a degree in actuarial science from education institutions approved by IAA for such degrees or programs and such institutes must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Article 9. Qualifications of Ordinary Members

9.1 The person has passed certain examination of Recognized Actuarial Associations in Article 5 of Chapter 2 of this Articles of Association; or

9.2 The person performs duties in connection with actuarial science.

Article 10. Qualifications of Institution Members

10.1 A juristic person whose business relates to actuarial science; or

10.2 A juristic.

In addition, general criteria under Article 6.1 and Article 6.2 shall not apply to qualification of institutional members.

Article 11. Qualifications of Honorary Members

11.1 A person deemed by the Board of Directors to possess the appropriate qualification as an Honorary member with the votes of not less than three fourth of the directors present at the meeting.


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