Article 38. An annual ordinary General Meeting shall be held within 120 days of each year from the due date of fiscal year. The Board of Directors may hold an extraordinary meeting by the Board of Directors' resolution. 10 or more members entitled to attend and vote in the General Meeting may submit an application with their signatures requesting an extraordinary meeting to be held. 

Article 39. The Board of Directors shall notify members in writing or by e-mail of the date of meeting not less than 7 days before the meeting for the General Meeting and extraordinary meeting.

Article 40. In the General Meeting, members entitled to vote in the meeting present shall not be less than one fifth of number of members entitled to vote in the meeting or not less than 20 members entitled to vote present in the meeting to constitute a quorum.

Article 41. The President of the Society shall preside over the General Meeting, however if he/she is absent, the Vice-President shall chair the meeting, if the Vice-president is absent, then, the Secretary shall chair the meeting.

Article 42. The authorities and duties of the General Meeting are as follows:

42.1 To elect the President of the Society under Article 22.

42.2 To elect an auditor under Article 37.

42.3 To consider financial statements of the Society.

42.4 To consider and approve Recognized Actuarial Associations under Article 5.

42.5 To consider issues raised by the Board of Directors.

42.6 To consider proposals of the members duly submitted in compliance with the Article of Association of the Society.

Article 43. Each member entitled to vote in the General Meeting is entitled to one vote.

Article 44. Resolutions of the General Meeting shall be adopted by the majority vote, in case of equality of votes, the chairperson of the meeting shall have a second vote as a casting vote.


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