Target Plans

1. To establish the framework for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement. To specify the actuarial code of ethics, standards of professional conduct, and qualifications for certifying actuary and appointed actuary.

2. To organize academic seminars as opportunities to educate and share knowledge among the SOAT members and anyone who is interested. The seminar will also encourage SOAT members to exchange experience and actuarial knowledge with each other. Furthermore, there will also be opportunities for participants to gain the credits for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program through these seminars.

3. To be an intermediary to comment on any technical papers, for example, Risk Based Capital, contracts classification of IFRS 4, and tax reserve (if required).

 Nitipong Pruchyanimit - Chairman - Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited

• Dr.Chutatong Charumilind - Vice Chairman - Thai General Insurance Association

• Andrew Chun-Wai Leung - Member - Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited

• Nawarat Thanachoksawang - Member - Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited

• Syed Muhammed Imran Haider - Member - KPMG Phoomchai Holdings Company Limited

• Sumit Narayanan - Member - Ernst & Young Office Limited

• Pei Shan Lee - Member - Towers Watson (Thailand) Compay Limited

• Kesinee Rattanapoka - Member - PricewaterhouseCoopers Actuarial Services (Thailand) Limited

• Orapim Makarabhiromya - Member - Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited

• Yokin Yokee - Member - FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited

• Wichukorn Nilmanat - Member - The Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited

• Thaveewong Chotemaneenophan - Member - Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited

•  Songphol Arrewijit - Member - MSIG Holdings (Asia) Private Company Limited by Share

• Arthapas Cheuasangpun - Member - The Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited


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